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its almost 4am and im pooped! i dont wanna tag people lol

1. Why do y’all follow lame Na-chan? Please state your answer in a grammatically correct 5 pages essay. LOL no jks. Just trolling you guys ‘v’ you still have to answer the first part doe > u >

it was the fishes obviously

2. When did you starting like B.A.P?

first week of february

3. Tumblr bestie(s)?

it’d be really awkward if i made a list omg ;A; but you’d be in it hahah

4. What else do you do besides fangirling about B.A.P?

i cry over men and food

but um i hang out with my friends hahah surprisingly i do have a social life T___T and i like other types of music so i fangirl about other musicians and bands lol. i also write if you call opening a word document and typing two sentences and then falling asleep while NCIS plays in the background writing then yes i write

5. Which body parts from B.A.P members makes your kokoro go crazy?

kokoro is still vagina in my head… but with jokes aside, jongup’s lips and zelo’s arms afdsgdfh

6. Will you let me love you?

to Mato and back, baby.

7. Himchan yes or Himchan no?

himchan yes. he is honestly perfect in every fucking way

8. Jongup’s cheetos or Jongup’s abs? 

jongup’s smile is all that matters to me :(

9. Fedora or beanie?


10. SELCA YO! Not a question, it’s a demand MEHEHEHHE~

fuck bitches get money??/// im not cute sorry and i need to take updated selcas lol this is from november or something and its stupid

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